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Victor Allen's Coffee has been crafting premium quality coffee products since 1979.  Their highly skilled Roastmasters have perfected the art of roasting coffee beans.  Roasting 100% Arabica beans in small batches ensures quality in every cup, unlike other companies that buy cheap pre-ground blends in bulk to save money.

Rio Grande Roasters offers a bolder and more full bodied coffee.  From the super rich Premium Dark to the nutty and caramel hinted Pinon, Rio Grande Roasters boasts a new genre of flavor for the true coffee lover.

Indulgio is everyone's favorite line of hot treats in the convenience of single serve.  Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, French Vanilla Cappuccino, and Hot Spiced Apple Cider are just some of our delicious Indulgio flavors.

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After the 2013 Holiday Season we Transitioned to E-Commerce...

We ended our lease at the mall and opted to transition to e-commerce.  We started by listing our products on which was also an immediate success as no other company/vendor could touch our price point and quality. 

We then founded our home-site and our brands became household names.  Our fast, reliable shipping coupled with our unbeatable quality and price was a no-brainer for Keurig® owners who were tired of paying almost twice the price for subpar generic brand coffee.

As a small business we are committed to handling every order with the utmost care and providing every single one of our customers with best in class customer service

Koffee Outlet now offers over 20 different single serve brew cups and 16 different whole bean/ground bean coffee bags.  Our growth is attributed to our loyal customers who recognize our quality and appreciate our pricing across all of our formats.  Thank you, and enjoy!

Koffee Outlet started as a mall kiosk in Albany, New York during the 2013 Holiday season.  Our premise was simple: offer single serve coffee for Keurig® brewers in a convenient location at a well below market value retail price point.  We realized owners of Keurig® brewers love the convenience of single serve coffee cups, but the cost per serving for quality coffee in this format is way too high.

We decided to partner with the production company (Trilliant Food & Nutrition) and struck a deal that allowed us to retail 12 count single serve coffee, cappuccino and cider cups for Keurig® brewers at $4.99.  We immediately gained popularity as people spread the word about our quality and price point. 

We Started as a Mall Kiosk in Albany, NY...

Victor Allen's Coffee

Rio Grande Roasters

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